Getting to grips with painting and decorating

I’ve been sitting around the place reading today. I’m determined I’m not going to have to buy a literature review for the next book I read.

To recap, I had to buy book review writing from a website because I didn’t have time to read the book I’m doing for my English course, and so I had to buy a literature review, edit it a bit and then hand it in as coursework. I felt horrendous about it and I don’t intend doing it again.

So I’m trying to get ahead by reading the book we have to read next early so I have plenty of time.

While I was sitting there I started to look around the place and realised it’s really getting quite grubby and horrible. So I decided it was time to get to grips with some painting and decorating.

My plan is that tomorrow I’m going to start with the living room. I’m going to move everything into the centre of the room, and then I’m going to get tarpaulins, you can buy cheap plastic ones from DIY shops, and I’m going to cover the furniture on the floor with them.

Then I’m going to mask off everything that needs masking off, prep up the walls and woodwork, and then get the ceiling painted.

Then the day after tomorrow I’m going to get the walls and the wood work done as well. So I should in two days have the living room done, and in between that I can continue reading my book. So I’m feeling quite positive today, where I had been feeling horrendous and low for days.

Perhaps this is a fresh start and perhaps I can push forward from here and maybe move on with my life a little bit faster. Things haven’t been good recently and I have at least spotted that I am spiralling downwards emotionally and physically, and that cheating with my literature review shows I’m heading in totally the wrong direction, so at least I have stopped the rot and can now try and address my problems.