I confess I’ve submitted a book review that cheated

I’m so glad this is an anonymous blog because I would not be able to live with myself or with my friends and family if they were reading what I’m about to write.

The other day I ordered a book review online. I’m reading a book for my English literature course and I couldn’t do a review properly, I have not been able to concentrate enough to finish the book and I tried to write review and it was horrendous. In order to retrieve my grade I decided to buy a literature review from a website, I supplied the details and they have written the review for me.

And this evening at my course I submitted the book review to my tutor. I felt mortified and I’m sure I blushed, and I felt like a fraud and a cheat. It was absolutely horrendous, but I felt it was the only course of action other than failure and not getting a grade at all.

Anyway, I’m trying to move on from that now by writing this blog post. I’m hoping that by confessing here in my blog basically to myself and to any strangers reading it, I know that’s not great, but what else can I do, that I will get some closure on this.

I think I’m just going to tell myself that tomorrow morning I’m going to move on and start again. I’m going to have a good day tomorrow and I’m going to continue reading the book over the next few days so that I have actually read it and understand it against the review I’ve written.

I then have to make sure I don’t need to order book review writing for the next book, I have to get myself together read the literature and make sure that I get to grips with this course, otherwise is actually no point in doing it if I’m just going to cheat.

So that’s my confession and although I have a irrational fear of being found out by my tutor, I don’t think that’s going to happen, so I just got to make sure I put this down to experience now and move on quickly.