Struggling with my literature review

I have just started a higher education course in English literature. I’m doing it two evenings a week and it’s going to take up the next two years of my life.

I’m having to do it on top of working full-time and I’m already finding it a bit of a struggle if I’m honest. Unfortunately I have always cut corners in my life and this is no exception.

I’ve been looking for an easy way out because I have to write several reviews of the books I am reading. And I’ve already clocked the fact that you can buy a literature review online for a small amount of money.

Now I’m pretty sure I can do book review writing, but at this moment in time I need some examples so that I can help myself to get quicker and better at it with less effort. So what I’m going to do just between you and me is I am going to buy a book review online for the first book I am reading. I have just about finished reading it, but I’m going to order a review and then see how it matches to how I would have tackled the review.

I’m hoping that it will improve my book review writing and will also allow me to hand something in before the deadline. Unfortunately I’ve been really busy at work and I don’t think I can, and I don’t want to fall behind at this early stage.

Now I know that all this sounds very weak and you are probably thinking that the sort of person who would buy a literature review is just a lazy cheat. And actually you would be completely right. But that’s only the surface, and underneath it’s a very much more complex situation the complex personality.

Anyway, that’s my confession for today, I can’t be confessing all the time. There is life to be getting on with and I do have to go to work in the morning so I need to get my head straight. I do want to pass this literature course but it’s really not going to be allowed to define my life.