My first blog post and a little bit about me

I have to say it’s taken an hour to work out how to work everything on this blog site, but I have worked it out now.

And I have to admit I’m not particularly sure what topics I’m meant to blog about, or what I want to blog about at this minute in time. I think generally I’m going to talk about my career aspirations and my life, and also the further education course on doing at the minute as well. It’s an English literature higher education course which I’m doing in the evenings.

So life is quite busy for me at the moment. I’m juggling a full-time job, a higher education course which is two evenings a week plus additional coursework, and having some sort of social life. All that adds up to being a bit of a problem at times.

I guess I’m writing this blog because I want to have an outlet for my feelings. It’s very difficult at times with so much going on to just stop and think about how I am feeling and look at the best course of action in some situations. I’m quite muddled about a few things at the moment and I’m worried I might make a bad decision and I’m hoping that blogging about this will help me to clarify my thinking on some things.

I will talk about some of those things in a future blog post, but for the moment it’s just a case of deciding what I want to get out of blogging. I’m not here to entertain anyone, or write something that people will rely on for years to come, I’m not here to make people laugh, I’m just here to talk about myself. I’m pretty convinced that nobody will want to read about me, and I can’t blame them, but then I have to say that’s not the reason I’m writing a blog, I’m writing it because I want to help clarify my thoughts, I’m just not sure how I’m going to do that just yet.